Get An Inside Look At How McFries Are Made

There’s no need to feel guilty about munching on those McFries anymore.

Engineer Grant Imahara is on a mission with McDonald's for all the fast-food enthusiasts out there. After all of the criticism that the food it offers has received over the years, McDonald's is willing to show people the truth.

The international fast-food franchise is willing to show the world, from start to finish, how they make some of the most popular items on their food menu – and this time, Imahara travels to Idaho to make sure people can enjoy McFries guilt free.

In his quest to bravely go where no man has gone before, he aims to reverse engineer the entire process of how McDonald's makes its fries. He hopes all of those French fries we have been munching on all our lives, some stolen from our friends, come from real potatoes.

Here’s what he discovered: Every fry you’ve eaten has indeed come from an actual potato, which is used in a canon-like device for cutting it into fries at the rate of 60-70 miles per hour, after which it undergoes an ingredient dip, is partially fried and then frozen, before its transported to a McDonald's outlet to be served to yours truly.

However, there are some preservatives used. This is, after all, fast food that is mass produced in factories – not in your grandmother’s kitchen – and served all around the world.

Granted that McDonald's doesn’t have the most perfect track record, what with some inaccurate advertising and problems with supply – but the fact that it’s willing to reveal all makes it easier to swallow the guilty pleasures of fast food. Though, remembering that balance is key is always a worthy mantra.

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