Meanwhile in Sweden: Racist Parliament Member Resigns After Accusing Immigrants Of Stealing Bag That He Left At A Bar

Swedish parliamentary member Lars Isovaara lost his sobriety, his bag and his job in one drunken night.

Lars Isovaara, a now ex-Parliamentary Member of the Sweden Democrats party had one too many. On his way home from a bar, Isovaara accused two foreign-born men of stealing his bag, then spat on and insulted a guard, who was also an immigrant. Isovaara's claim was impossible, seeing as he left his bag at the bar, but it's possible that he was too drunk to realize this.

Here is the timeline of events as reported by the Swedish tabloid Expressen:

Sometime before 2:10 a.m., Isovaara, who is wheelchair bound, departed a bar, forgetting his bag and sobriety. At 2:10, the bar staff reported finding the bag. At 2:30, Isovaara had some sort of interaction with two "unknown, immigrant-background men." Isovaara called the police and reported that the men had stolen his bag.

When the police arrived, they found Isovaara oinking and spitting at a parliamentary guard. The officers reported Isovaara for racist abuse. The Sweden Democrats initially defended Isovaara, saying that the guard must have mistaken the parliamentary member’s sobs for pig noises. They retracted that little piece of nonsense when reports came out that the bag Isovaara claimed was stolen after he left the bar did not leave the bar with him.

The Sweden Democrats are known to be anti-immigrant. Not surprisingly, this policy position goes hand in hand with bald racism. The only upside: occasionally one of those racists embarrasses himself and loses his job.

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