Media Should Speak The Truth About Palestine, Not Cave To Zionists

The viral outrage that ensued after the news clip aired reminded the network that in order to thrive, you can’t tell the truth about Israel-Palestine relations.

MSNBC anchor Kate Snow apologized on Monday for showing a map depicting Palestinians' loss of land to her viewers during the Oct. 14 ET hour. Middle East Correspondent Martin Fletcher was brought back during the program to call out the alleged mistake.

Responding to Snow’s probing as to why the map was deemed wrong, Fletcher responded, “Well, Kate, first of all, I wish I'd said it right away when I saw them. The bottom line is that the first map showed the area as if it was a Palestinian state....there was no state called Palestine.”

The apology was not a result of a factual error but rather a gaffe on American media’s part in keeping conciliatory associations with the pro-Israel lobby. The viral outrage that ensued after the news clip aired reminded the corporate entity that in order to thrive in America, you can’t tell the truth about Israel-Palestine relations.

Reporters who are critical of Israeli attacks are frequently censored and fired for their coverage.

During the Gaza War in 2014, NBC news reporter Ayman Mohyeldin witnessed the killing of four Palestinian children in an Israeli attack on a Gaza beach and was immediately pulled from the region following the event. Mohyeldin was placed back in Gaza after uproar exploded on social media because of his removal. The journalist now faces backlash against him after reporting Israeli police shot dead an unarmed Palestinian during a stabbing attack. A petition is demanding Mohyeldin be fired from the network

That same summer Mohyeldin was pulled and subsequently returned, CNN removed correspondent Diana Magnay from covering the attacks after she tweeted about “scum” Israelis who praised the bombing in Gaza and threatened to attack her if her reporting wasn’t favorable to the Israeli government.  

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The media continues to cave to Zionist pressure amid fear that being a good journalist and telling the truth will lose audiences.

The apology was a clear attempt to mend relations with Jewish viewers, although the network fails to realize that not all Israel-lobbying Zionists represent a unified voice for American Jews.

Despite what MSNBC now says, the historical shrinking of Palestinian land is indeed an accurate depiction.

As Jewish Voice for Peace explains, in 1947 the United Nations' plan reduced Palestinian land significantly by giving 55 percent to Jewish immigrants and leaving Palestinians with 45 percent.

In 1948, Israel “captured an additional 23% of historic Palestine, thereby leaving the Palestinians with only 22% of their ancestral land. By the end of 1949, Israel had expelled over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and destroyed over 400 villages” — the very beginning of the state’s ethnic cleansing campaign of Palestinians.

By 1967, Israel seized the remaining 22 percent, taking hold of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza — thus placing Palestine under a brutal occupation.

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Today, Israel continues its territorial genocide by further building Jewish settlements and isolating Palestinians behind the ongoing construction of the Apartheid Wall.

Boy looking at Israeli soldier in front of West Bank barrier

The only real grain of truth from the apology was that Palestine was not a state in 1948, although the nation group has finally gained recognition from the international community when the United Nations declared Palestine a state in 2012. Yet Israel stubbornly denies Palestine statehood and continues its forceful determination to push Palestinians out of their home.

The media should not be apologizing for an “inaccurate” graphic, but instead for submitting to Zionist screams that drown out the voices of Palestinian rights.

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