Meet The Mighty Obamadon: Ancient Lizard Named For Current President

Whatever happens in Obama's second term, they can't take this away from him: scientists have named an ancient lizard after the U.S. President.

Barack Obama already has a long and storied legacy: two electoral wins, both by healthy margins, Obamacare, financial reform, the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, but this may top them all: the Obamadon gracilis. That's right, scientists have named a recently discovered ancient lizard after President Obama.

The Obamadon was discovered during an effort by Yale and Harvard scientists to re-examine fossil collections. Yale paleontologist Nicholas Longrich said that a small, slender-jawed lizard  felt like a good match for the sitting president:

I was seriously thinking, if the election had gone the other way, I would have yanked it. It might have seemed like we were mocking it, naming a lizard that goes extinct after that, seemed kind of cruel.

The Obamadon has been extinct 65 million years. The President can only hope that his name will still be around in another 65 million.

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