Feel Like Some Marijuana Pizza? This Just Might Be The Place For You

Head on to East Vancouver for some pot pizza. If you want to get in line for some pot pizza, Mega Ill in East Vancouver is the place for you.

It is the first pizza marijuana vapor lounge serving THC (tetrahydrocannabinol-the principal psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant) butter infused pies.

Now here’s a baked treat to get you baked, but only for those users that need Mary Jane for medical reasons, of course.

If one is over 18 and has a medical exemption that allows them to smoke legally, they can have a pizza drizzled with marijuana infused oil for an extra 10 bucks.

However, the taste does take some getting used to as someone with experience says, “After countless batches of brownies, I can confidently tell you, it's tastes like total ass. Really, if I didn't get completely fried from eating them I'd never touch them. However I'm talking about bud being added to the mix crushed, as is. These guys are making a butter which is likely strained and somewhat mild. I doubt you'd taste it too much, brownies aren't spicy.”

"There's already vapor lounges and other lounges around town," says Mark Klokeid the co-owner of Mega Ill. "So I figured, why not match that with pizza?"

However, under the federal government's revamped medical marijuana regulations they may not be able to continue the service but the owners aren’t too worried.

"We'll still be open regardless. We just might not be able to infuse the pizzas anymore," they say.

"But we will still be open as a pizza place where people can come and medicate here."

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