Delusional Donald Trump Sees Himself As 'Doing Good For Muslims'

Trump discussed his many Muslims friends who think his plans are brilliant, along with his complete lack of racism in a recent interview with CNN.

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Noted megalomaniac Donald Trump recently sat down with CNN to discuss the various offensive things he has done and said in the past week (they primarily limited this discussion to his comments regarding Muslims—if they waded through everything, it would take days).

Apparently in Trump’s twilight zone of a reality, his “many Muslim friends” are “so happy at what I’m doing.” The come to him and say, “Donald, you brought something up…that is brilliant and fantastic.” He declared, very strongly, “I’m doing good for the Muslims.”

Trump has come under fire for making deals with Muslims in the Middle East, using his relationship with them to his benefit while simultaneously condemning them in the U.S. However, according to him, this is not a problem. He claims one of the most important people in the Middle East called him to say, “Donald, you have done a tremendous service.”

This may not be a lie—it could have easily been an ISIS leader, considering Trump has, indeed, helped further their goal of alienating Muslims and dividing the world into Muslims and non-Muslims. After all, as Trevor Noah showed us, Trump is WHISIS.

When interviewer Don Lemon asked him if he was a racist, Trump declared himself to be the “least racist person.” Yes, he’s just like Mother Teresa, or Gandhi.

Trump did make one frighteningly accurate statement; he asserted that though he may receive criticism from other politicians, the public agrees with him. Unfortunately, he’s right. A recent poll showed that two out of three GOP voters support his ban on Muslim immigration, and a New York Times/CBS survey that emerged today indicates he is at least 19 points ahead of his nearest rival, Ted Cruz. Whatever Trump’s other delusions may be, the fact that he is resonating with conservative voters is both terrifying and true.

He closed with some respectful sentiments: “We have a president who is a stupid person.” This is in contrast to himself, who he sees as “incredibly smart” and will certainly lead America to victory. 

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