Megyn Kelly Was Right To Slam Gingrich, But She Isn't A Hero

Eviscerating bigots and misogynists like Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich certainly makes Megyn Kelly look smarter but that doesn’t mean she is a hero.


Megyn Kelly, suddenly, emerged as an unlikely conservative hero from Fox News last year when she called out Donald Trump during an early presidential debate over his garbage answers.

A few days later, she emerged as a conservative hero for women when she called out the Republican candidate over his pathetic, sexist and misogynistic comments about her.

Even though she later patched things up with Trump, she was still regarded as the only non-liberal champion who taught an unforgettable lesson to the boorish billionaire.

Vanity Fair called her a “newly minted role model for women.”

Even people who would rather gouge their eyes out than endure Fox News rants started watching The Kelly File.

Then this week, Kelly received overwhelming praise for putting former GOP speaker Newt Gingrich in his place after he accused her of being “fascinated with sex.”

This time around, Vanity Fair called her “an improbable feminist icon.” Meanwhile, The Daily Beast weighed in on “the power” of Kelly’s feminism.

It’s as if the liberal media has more or less forgotten the Megyn Kelly before 2015 – the Megyn Kelly who has a huge racial blind-spot.

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Before her feud with Trump turned her into an unlikely favorite among liberals, Kelly was as notorious for her racially-charged rants as her colleagues like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

She is the one who dedicated an entire segment of her show to assure children that Santa was white after someone suggested that Father Christmas could also be black.

Kelly is the one who pitched a fit when President Barack Obama wanted to diversify neighborhoods. According to her, the only way people (read: African-Americans) should hope into getting a rich neighborhood is through working hard and making enough money.

And all those people who are currently calling Kelly a “feminist icon” have probably forgotten the time when a guest on her show compared birth control to euthanasia and she allowed it.

What’s more, she, very clearly, stated on The Colbert Show that she doesn’t like the word feminist.

“I think it’s alienating,” she said. “The reason I think that is because it’s been co-opted by some people who don’t want you in their club unless you see certain women’s issues the way they see them. I think that’s alienating. 

Eviscerating bigots and misogynists like Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich certainly makes Megyn Kelly look smarter but that doesn’t mean she should be allowed to air her white privilege-loaded vitriol.

Let’s not forget: Megyn Kelly is not a hero.

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