Megyn Kelly On Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell: He Stuck Scissors In The Back Of Babies’ Necks (VIDEO)


Megyn Kelly got caught up in a heated debate with Jack McMahon. He is the attorney of the ‘butcher’ abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell is a former abortion provider hailing from a well-established family in West Philadelphia. His murder trial sent waves all over the social media during April this year when rumors surfaced that his case was being brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media.

McMahon consistently defended his client saying that the allegations against Gosnell are wrong and that the “doctor” didn’t perform late-term abortions and didn’t kill babies outside their mother’s womb.

Kelly just went off on McMahon saying, “The testimony was the babies were born alive, were wiggling on the operating table, were crying -- and he stuck scissors in the back of their necks.”

The lawyer replied, “That’s not true.”

The Fox News host shot back at him saying, “The jury found him guiltyof murder. Murder of babies.”

He tried to abort them, and he failed then he tried to kill them once they were born alive. That's what the jury found.” She chided, “So it was the Mayo Clinic. It was great. Women had a great experience there, including the one that he was convicted of involuntarily man slaughtering.”

Megyn Kelly was clearly frustrated by the attorney’s insistence on the fact that his client was not involved in the murder of the babies when he actually had committed all of them. She ended the heated exchange by leaving McMahon with the question, “If it's not late-term abortion, how does a baby get born alive?”

You can watch Megyn Kelly’s heated debate with Kermit Gosnell’s attorney in the video above.

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