Distraught Aussie Implores His Party To Care About Asylum Seekers

Matthew accurately sums up what many of the party's left-leaning loyalists have felt for some time now.

A passionate debate among Australia's Labor Party on how to deal with asylum seekers inspired a man to explode in tears and emotion when he just can't understand why the party is so unfeeling for the vulnerable.

Identified only as Matthew, the man stood during the debate and screamed, "You’re supposed to listen to us!" as people around him jeered. But Matthew refused to back down, breaking into tears over the party's debate to turn back boats of asylum seekers.

The Labor Party ultimately voted not to reject a ban on turning back boats, effectively leaving asylum seekers in the area at the mercy of the ocean or towed back to their unstable homelands. 

When someone in the crowd told Matthew to calm down, he screamed back, "I will not calm down!" Later, he gave an interview about why he's so upset with the party.  

Watch as he describes what brought this fury on.

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