Men Catch Chinese Toddler Falling From Fifth Floor (VIDEO)


A Chinese toddler, who fell from the fifth floor of a building in east China's Zhejiang Province, was saved miraculously by a group of men.

The child who escaped death by inches and seconds was saved by express mail carriers who were on a break from their work when they noticed the toddler on the window sill just before falling. They formed a human net and the child fell right into their arms.

The CCTV footage of the incident is chilling and restores one’s faith in miracles to some extent. The toddler’s parents were out of the house when the incident occurred. They were shocked and didn’t expect their child to wake up earlier than usual. “She fell asleep in my wife's arms. Then we went to the nearby pharmacy. It was such a short while, as I said we'd return quickly,” said the father of the kid.

Another odd story about a baby was reported last month when a disturbing video emerged of firefighters in eastern China rescuing an abandoned newborn baby boy stuck in a sewage pipe. In that case as well, the child was miraculously pulled out alive!

Earlier in May, one more ‘miracle’ was reported when emergency crews in northwest China successfully rescue a 3 year old boy from a well. The little child was saved after a couple of unsuccessful attempts from the 15-meter deep well.

This is not to imply that all miracle stories emerge exclusively from China or anything. These instances just prove that sometimes luck can treat us well while teaching us a hard lesson.

Watch the video above of the toddler who was saved by the mail men and share your reactions with us.

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