Mexico Has Finally Exploded

Gang members reveal horrific details of the September massacre.


After learning that the 43 missing students were indeed killed and burned by drug mafia, angry demonstrators took to the streets over the weekend.

Suspected gang members revealed some of the most shocking details of the gruesome murders on Saturday after they confessed to killing more than 40 student-leaders who went missing in September.

Law enforcement officials and the political administration were equally involved in the massacre, according to the admission.

The suspects claimed the Iguala police officers shot and later handed over dozens of students to the notorious Guerreros Unidos drug gang, who later set fire to the dead bodies.

The criminals added the mass murder was committed at the orders Iguala’s now-ousted Mayor José Luis Abarca, who ordered police to confront the students to prevent them from disrupting a public speech given by his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda. Both are now in custody, along with more than 70 people arrested in connection with the disappearances.

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Although intermittent protests were held across Mexico during the past three weeks, the situation spiraled out of control after the drug members’ confession.

Several demonstrators stormed the presidential National Palace, setting fire to one of its gates.

“We are asking the same thing as usual. We want to see our comrades alive,” a masked student told AFP as others chanted, "they took them alive, we want them back alive.”

Here are some images from the embattled region:


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