Mexico Opens Probe Into Reported Lake Shooting

"The Mexican government said Friday it has opened a federal investigation into the reported shooting of an American tourist on a border lake plagued by Mexican pirates and strongly denied delaying action on finding the man or his attackers. A statement from Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs ""categorically rejects claims to the effect that Mexican authorities are not doing enough to find"" David Hartley. Hartley's wife, Tiffany, says she and her husband were riding Jet Skis back from Mexico on Sept. 30 when they were attacked by Mexican pirates in speedboats who opened fire and shot David Hartley in the back of the head. Tiffany Hartley has said she tried to rescue him when he fell into Falcon Lake, but that she fled to U.S. waters as the pirates continued shooting. U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar said Friday that while no evidence has caused investigators to question her story, the disappearance is mysterious. ""My question is, OK if he had a vest, why is the body not floating? We asked the Coast Guard, if he had a Jet Ski, would that Jet Ski be floating somewhere around? Our Mexican friends have said they've been searching around, they've even used a helicopter. If you have a general idea of where that is, why is the body not floating? Why is there not a Jet Ski?"" Cuellar went on to say ""the bad guys could look at the Jet Ski as an asset that they could take"" and that Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez ""does have an eyewitness, a person that did see her coming in with a boat chasing her, so we have to rely on law enforcement officials."" Gonzalez said the investigation so far has indicated Tiffany Hartley is telling the truth. ""Our information is indicating that the witness is reliable, the witness is truthful,"" he said. The possibility the witness is not telling the truth ""is always there, but the probability is very, very, low,"" he said. Evidence corroborating Tiffany Hartley's story includes a tiny smear of blood on her life vest, Gonzalez said