Former Mexican President's Takedown Of Trump Is Perfectly Savage

Laurel Dammann
Vicente Fox takes President Donald Trump to task on his infamous wall in a viciously hilarious new video, and it's like he took the words right out of our mouths.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox apparently loves to take jabs at President Donald Trump. Frankly, we don't mind it.

In his latest video slamming the American buffoon-in-chief, Fox not only calls out Trump's tone-deaf taco bowl tweet, he also lays out all the obvious reasons why the president's border wall is just a waste of time and money and what little dignity he (and America) have left.

"I know when you came up with the idea all the experts thought it would work," Fox says, tone dripping with sarcasm. "But the 'bad hombres' have gotten more sophisticated since then. They are even sharing plans on the internet."

He then foregoes any remaining subtlety and plants an entire shade-tree.

"Look at this schematic I downloaded from the dark web," Fox says as he pulls a children's scribbled drawing from a manila envelope. "It is a ladder, Einstein."

While the burns are strong with Fox, he doesn't only attack Trump, but he also offers him some advice the world would be grateful for him to take.

The border wall has been estimated to cost a staggering amount of money, and for the video, Fox focused on the astronomical $25 billion that's been thrown around by various sources. He put into clear perspective how petty Trump's wall is by informing the president on all the good he could do with that kind of money.

According to Fox, for $25 billion, Trump could provide clean drinking water for the entire planet for three years, end world hunger for an entire year, hire 50,000 new teachers for a decade to serve American children, or pay for the college education of 250,000 students. 

Fox has never been a friend to Trump, but his videos prove that he may be one of the president's most fiery critics. Again, we don't mind it.

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