Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano Explosion Shockwave Caught On Webcam (VIDEO)


Webcamsdemexico on YouTube managed to capture, what they called and extraordinary volcano explosion.

Wired, described the event by comparing it to popping the top off a shaken bottle of soda. Though the video is just 30 seconds long, when the explosion occurs sending off grey fumes into the atmosphere. The explosions come with a lot of force producing water vapors around Popocatepetl Volcano Explosion.

The description given gave minute details about the extraordinary event. Here is an excerpt from the article:

You can see how pulsatory the eruption is as well, with the dark plume churning like steam from a steam engine. This might be due to new magma rising in the conduit, feeding the eruption as it continues.”

Popocatepetl is an active volcano in Central Mexico and is the second highest peak in the country after Pico de Orizaba. In April 2012, Mexico has raised the alert level around the Popocatepetl, after it began spewing ash and steam.

Volcanic eruptions always have a huge impact on their surroundings and atmosphere. For example, Mighty Katla in Iceland is a volcano which has the potential to cause massive, almost catastrophic flooding. In December 2011, due to a great deal of seismic activity experts suggestedan eruption was imminent.

Last year in September, a volcano outside one of the Guatemala’s most famous tourist attractions exploded into a series of powerful eruptions, hurling thick clouds of ash nearly two miles (three kilometers) high. It resulted in the evacuation of more than 33,000 people from surrounding communities.

The footage captured by Webcamsdemexico is rare because the weather was good and the details are clearly visible. You can watch it in the video above.

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