Michael Brown’s Family Suing Ferguson and Darren Wilson

Justice was not served in the Justice Department's decision to not file federal civil charges against former Officer Darren Wilson so Michael Brown's family is taking action.

Michael Brown's family at his funeral

Michael Brown’s family will file a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death of their son against the city of Ferguson, Missouri and former Officer Darren Wilson, an attorney for the family announced on Thursday.

The news comes just one day after the U.S. Department of Justice released its federal civil rights investigation that revealed how (not surprisingly) racist the Ferguson Police Department is, and officially decided not to file federal charges against Wilson for violating Brown’s rights when he shot him to death last summer.

The family’s attorney, Anthony Gray, noted the family’s deep disappointment shared by many local residents and officials in the Justice Department’s decision. In a press conference, Gray announced the next steps for legal action.

“We are officially formulating a civil case that we anticipate will be filed very shortly on behalf of the family,” Gray said. “We plan to demonstrate in a court of law that Wilson’s choice to use deadly force was unreasonable and unnecessary.”

Justice was not served so the family is rightfully taking action.

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