Michael Phelps' Road Back To The Water: 'I Was In A Really Dark Place'

Phelps is the closest thing we have to proof that mermaids (or mermen) exist. Now this man/fish hybrid is back in the game and just as dangerous as ever.

Michael Phelps has every intention of being just as unstoppable a force in Rio as he was in Beijing in 2008. 

According to Sports Illustrated, the swimming sensation is now out of rehab and back into training for the 2016 summer Olympic Games. 

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Treading Water

In 2009, Phelps made headlines when a British tabloid published a photo of the sports mega-star smoking marijuana out of a bong. 

Then, in 2014, Phelps was once again embroiled in scandal when he failed to pass a field sobriety test after being pulled over for driving erratically in Baltimore. 

Following the arrest, Phelps did not leave his townhouse for four days.  

"I was in a really dark place," Phelps told Sports Illustrated writer Tim Layden, "Not wanting to be alive anymore."

This was a turning point in the Olympic champion's life.

With the support of his friends and family behind him, Phelps journeyed to The Meadows, a professional rehab facility in the desert, and got serious about fixing his issues. 

The Return of The King 

michael phelps

45 days after checking into The Meadows Phelps was back in the water and training harder than ever, according to his coaches. 

The swimming community was set ablaze by his return. But it wasn't until the National Championships in San Antonio last year that Phelps proved he was back to his old dominant self.

At that race, Phelps took first in the 100 and 200-meter butterfly as well as the 200-meter individual medley. 

All of Phelps' times in these events would have won him the world championships if he had not been suspended from that event for his earlier malfeasances. 

Suffice it to say, Phelps is back in the game in a major way. Hopefully, this means we can all look forward to more electrifying displays of aquatic athleticism when he once again takes to the world stage next year in Rio De Janeiro. 

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