Michele Bachmann Runs From CNN's Dana Bash's Questions (Literally)

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ran from CNN's Dana Bash's questions, and that's not a figure of speech.

Michele Bachmann uses the truth the way I use bell peppers: infrequently, and never as a main course. The latest example of this (for her) came in her speech at CPAC, where Bachmann made very specific and false claims about the lavish, taxpayer funded lifestyle enjoyed by the Obama Administration. Bachmann claimed that the White House employs a fulltime dog walker and two projecter operators, one of whom works the night shift in case Obama wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to watch a movie.

CNN's program Keeping Them Honest looked into those claims and found them to be false. Dana Bash of CNN tracked down Bachmann to ask her about her CPAC speech, which also included harsh words for the Obama Administration about Benghazi. Bash and Bachmann's interaction, which starts at 6:05 of the video, went like this:

BASH: What I want to ask you about is the fact that you said that he [Obama] had- you talked about the excesses that he engaged in, the fact that he has a dogwalker, which is...not true.

BACHMANN (Walking very fast, Bash keeping pace): The big point of my speech was about Benghazi. This was an absolute disaster.

BASH (Bachmann talking simultaneously): You also made specific accusations about the President spending money that previous presidents also made.

BACHMANN (stops walking): The real issue is that there are four Americans that are dead. The Secretary of State was not in conversation with the Secretary of Defense or with the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. [Bash tries to interject] And the point is that the President of the United States didn't care about those four Americans, and they were killed. That's the point. And if you've gotta focus on [crosstalk] you want to talk about dog handlers? And there's four Americans killed?

BASH (as Bachmann storms off): But Congresswoman, you're the one who brought it up!

At that point, Bachmann sped away and didn't talk to Dana Bash anymore. She hasn't responded to further questions from CNN. As Bash and Anderson Cooper pointed out from the comfort of their studios, Bachmann was the one to bring up dog walkers. Also, it's not like this is the day after the Benghazi attacks, those were six months ago. It's no longer too soon to talk about other things. Which Bachmann knows, because she spent a good chunk of her CPAC speech making up stuff about projection operators, a dog walker and five chefs on Air Force One.

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