Michelle Obama Dances To A Bollywood Tune With Kids


It hasn't been all work and no play for Michelle Obama in India.

The First Lady spent part of Saturday playing hopscotch, dancing and singing with 33 disadvantaged children from an Indian charity at the University of Mumbai.

Dressed in an olive-colored blouse and a below-the-knee flowered skirt, she kicked off her shoes and joined the 8- to 13-year-old orphans and runaways who are taught English by the charity, Make a Difference.

Obama also joined in a drum and tambourine circle, and at one point banged on the instruments herself. She also practiced her dance moves to a popular Bollywood tune, later proclaiming ""I love dancing. Oh, that was fun!""

It was a break from the somber morning, where she and the President - on the first day of a 10-day trip in Asia - paid tribute to the victims of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks that killed 166 people across the city.

At the university, the First Lady spoke to the children about the importance of education.

""I didn't grow up with a lot of money,"" she said. ""I never even imagined being the First Lady of the United States. But because I had an education, when the time came to do this, I was ready.""

The crowd fell silent after one girl asked a question, so Obama suggested they dance again. She was immediately surrounded by a circle of girls who threw their arms into the air.