Michelle Obama Loves Her Husband More Now (Video)

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama says she loves her husband more now than she did four years ago as she urged voters to re-elect Barack Obama to the White House.

Michelle Obama took the stage on the first night of the Democratic Convention to tell voters why they should re-elect her husband. First lady Michelle Obama acknowledged on Tuesday that the change her husband Barack Obama championed in his White House campaign four years ago has proven difficult. But touching on the economy, the issue voters say is their top priority in this election, the first lady urged voters to give him four more years to fix the struggling U.S. economy.

It was a speech directed at women voters, a group where the president enjoys a significant advantage over his Republican rival.

The first night of the convention featured the strong presence of, and a heavy appeal to, women, Latinos and young people. Speakers evoked their shared values and issued a warning that Republican nominee Mitt Romney would take the country backward.

The speech by the first Lady was the main event of the three day gathering leading up to President Obama accepting his party's nomination.

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