Watching Anti-Islam Protestor Befriended By Muslims Will Make Your Day

She came to protest against her enemies and left with friends.

Anti Islam Protestor, Anti Islam Protest

An Ohio woman identified only as Annie showed up at Noor Islamic Cultural Center, a local mosque in Dublin, Ohio, to protest against Islam. With her heart and mind full of all that is wrong with Islam and its followers, she came armed with placards as well as a huge chip on her shoulder.

Instead of returning hate with hate, Annie was greeted by counter-protesters and members of the mosque who tried talking to her, changing the way she thought and even went ahead and showered her with hugs.

Unsure and reluctant at first, she refused to give in.

"Get thee away from me Satan and get to your side of the block please," she told one of the supporters of the mosque who implied he may be Muslim.

However, the people there refused to give up and kept her engaged in light-hearted conversation and trying to dispel some of her misconceptions.

To Annie's surprise, she was approached by some Muslim women wearing headscarves who embraced her.

A YouTube video captured the entire event but it is rather long; the images posted on the Facebook gives a pretty clear idea of what happened there and it is amazing to see the entire encounter as well as the switching of mindset.

Anti Islam Protestor

Anti Islam Protest in United States

Anti Islam Protest in US

Annie even accepted an invitation to enter the mosque and meet with the members who applauded her as she entered the foyer.

This is just one in a recent string of more and more people are standing up for a better understanding of socio-religious differences.

Indeed, it is understanding, acceptance and tolerance of differences that needed more than anything.

The protester Annie admitted she got most of her information from the Facebook pages she followed. It was an actual encounter with the people she was standing against that changed her mind and that is what is needed more.

Similarly, the recent anti-Muslim hate rallies across the country brought forth more shows of solidarity and interfaith solidarity than hatred and intolerance.

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