This Is Not A Spoof: A Pig Named Giggles Is Running For Mayor In Michigan

Giggles is "putting the pork back in government" by running for mayor of Flint.

Giggles the pig running for mayor of Flint, Michigan

If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill, ignorant and (often) corrupt politicians, then it’s time you met Giggles, the extraordinarily cute pig who is actually running for mayor of Flint, Michigan.

It might sound like a spoof of some kind, and maybe it is one – to an extent, however, at least for now, Giggles means serious business.

There are more than a couple of reasons why people should vote for her: She has no criminal record, never missed a deadline and doesn’t waste money.

Giggles also has a Facebook campaign page which is – of course – run by an attorney, Michael Ewing.

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Ewing is disgusted with the state of politics in Flint – a city which has a history of electing councilmen of who are convicted felons. Through Giggles, he intends to call for more transparency to the mayoral race.

"If we elect someone who is not up to the challenge, we'll be right back to the state of Michigan emergency manager again," Ewing told "I don't want to turn it into a laughingstock. I don't know how else to get people to pay attention."

The lawyer continued on the Facebook page:

“So, yes, I am running Giggles the Pig for Mayor of Flint. I hope that you will vote for her as a mayoral candidate who has never murdered a human. She has never placed citizens in harm by driving drunk on the highway, and has never interrupted public business and public meetings. She is a sweet and intelligent animal—which is more than can be said for some candidates.”

Giggles also has a social media hashtag #Giggles4Flint.

It's not easy to vote without opposable thumbs, but we managed.

Posted by Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apart from online fans, Giggles is also making some political rivals such as Karen Weaver, a candidate opposing incumbent Mayor Dayne Walling. She called the pig's campaign a "mockery of the democratic process." Mayoral candidate Eric Mays also questioned Giggles' qualifications

"Does the pig know about economic development?" Mays asked. "Does a pig know about quality water?"

However, Wantwaz Davis (one of the city councilman who was once convicted of murder), posted a lengthy rant – now deleted – on Giggles’ Facebook page, chastising Ewing for the stunt.

“Hypocrisy has no place nor boundaries and surly does not discriminate, in which you have confirmed. In saying, you can defend men and women in the court of law who have been charged with murder, or any improprieties, take thousands of dollars from their families, in their weakest moments, while considering them to be of no significance or ability to redeem themselves. In conclusion, I honestly laughed at your remarks, however, I will be the next mayor of Flint, Michigan and will feast off of your pig at my victory party, you can get in for free, VIP on me.”

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Looks like Giggles is on the right track.

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