Saying Goodbye: Here’s Why Nokia Phones Will Be Remembered Forever

Who needs a logo to remember a timeless brand? It’s not really news that Microsoft brought Nokia earlier this year for $7.2 billion.

But it did lead to speculation that Nokia would cease to exist. And sadly, it turned out to be true.

The purchase by Microsoft was actually good news as Nokia was struggling to succeed in the market of smartphones – and failing miserably. Everyone sort of thought that Microsoft and Nokia would live together, happily ever after.

It was not to be so.

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People’s worst fears were just confirmed with Microsoft’s latest release into the market - the Lumia 535. It’s hard not to notice something is missing: the Nokia brand stamp on the phone.

This tugs at the heart of many whose first memories of using a phone is tied to Nokia – Nokia was there before phones ever became smart. Thinking of Nokia is pure nostalgic.

Hence in a wave of meme-ed up reminiscence, here are some of the reasons Nokia was a much beloved phone.

It was indestructible – unlike the touch screens that end up cracked far too easily.


Even Voldermont could probably have made use of it in the wizarding world:

Apparently Asgardian gods are fans too.

Who remembers how many hours spent trying to beat each other’s score on snake?


And the times phone giveaways were like love letters? 

They had some strange qualities too – sometimes as if they had a mind of their own: 

And who remembers what it was like not to have an endless stream of selfies?

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The timeless phone would be truly missed – but someone you know has probably kept one lying around. 

The name may be gone – but Nokias have marked their place in history for sure.


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