Chilling Video Shot Seconds Before A Train Smashed Into The "Midnight Rider" Movie Crew

Amna Shoaib
ABC News broadcast the video showing the terrifying moment when the crew scrambled out of the way of the approaching train. One of them didn't make it.

A chilling video of the Midnight Rider train incident has surfaced, refreshing memories of the fatal accident that killed camera assistant, 27-year-old Sarah Jones.

On February 20, 2014, the cast and crew of Midnight Rider was shooting a scene that showed Academy Award winner William Hurt, as Gregg Allman, lying on a hospital bed atop train tracks. It turns out the movie production never had permission to be on the trestle bridge in the first place, and had just a minute to run for safety if a train approached. 

The video shows the moment where, seeing the approaching train, the cast dashes to save Hurt, while his co-star Wyatt Russell also scrambles out of the train's path. No one could remove the prop bed in time, which became a deadly weapon when the train hit it.

In the ensuing tragedy, Jones was struck first by the fuel tank, and then run over by the train. Her death was instantaneous.

The director of Midnight Rider, Randall Miller, has since pleaded guilty to criminal trespass involuntary manslaughter. He also confessed to filming on the land owned by CBX, despite the freight company's denying them permission to film on its tracks. Miller was given a two-year jail sentence followed by eight years of probation, becoming the first director to be convicted in an on-set death.