Why Are These Migrants Sewing Their Mouths Shut?

Migrants stranded at the Greece-Macedonia border have taken desperate measures in a plea to get the country to open its borders.

Hundreds of Iranian migrants are being prohibited from crossing the Greece-Macedonia border. In protest, many of them have sewed their lips shut.

iranian migrants

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Macedonia’s president claims the influx of migrants has heightened tensions in the country.

"The risk of possible conflict between refugees and migrants, the migrants and police and army, and between migrants and local people is rated as high," President Gjorgje Ivanov reportedly said on Sunday after meeting with European Council president Donald Tusk in Macedonia's capital, Skopje.

Several European countries, including Macedonia, have said they will only allow “war-zone refugees” from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to enter through their countries to get to central and northern Europe, according to Mashable.

It would seem that if you're coming from a war-torn country, you are automatically a "war-zone refugee," but apparently there's a refugee hierarchy in place that determines how desperate you really are. 

Migrants that have been stuck at the Greek border for nearly a week have been chanting “Freedom!” and “We are not terrorists.”

sew up lips protest

There were more than 2,000 migrants being barred from entering Macedonia, but that number has dropped to less than 1,500 as many have taken buses and taxis to Athens and Thessaloniki in hopes of finding alternative routes to asylum.

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