Passengers Trapped In Eurostar For 5 Hours Threaten To Start Smashing

Train services were disrupted as migrants climbed a London-bound Eurostar roof and passengers were trapped in carriages for hours.

Eurostar services were left in a mess when migrants climbed the roof of a 186-mph London-bound train in Calais, angering passengers trapped inside the carriages for five hours.

The situation turned worse when a power outage occurred, leaving the carriages in darkness and commuters unbearably hot. Of the four U.K.-bound trains, two were sent back to Paris and police officials were seen removing trespassers from the train tops in Calais – a port which migrants use to get to the U.K.

Passengers Trapped In Eurostar, bound trains

Migrants targeting UK bound passenger trains

Eurostar passengers trapped for FIVE HOURS

Migrants shut Eurostar trains to UK

Eurostar delays after migrants found

Eurostar passengers stranded in dark after

However, the situation deteriorated further when the train ended up running out of batteries, so there was no air conditioning. There was no communication as the audio system was out of service.

“We then spent an unbelievable amount of time in the dark, in an air that was hard to breath,” Frederic Bruel, a French passenger, told the local newspaper.

Furious passengers began to share images of themselves trapped in their carriages on social media. Meanwhile, in their attempts to get onboard, a group of migrants even broke parts of the train.

Some stranded passengers were also seen waiting at Calais-Frethun train station in northern France , while others incessantly tweeted updates of the situation with taunts aimed at the train services.

The most frustrating part of the experience, according to the abandoned passengers, was when they had to wait in the cold for a replacement train.

During the entire incident, Eurostar staff was seen talking to the angry people and trying to handle the situation while keeping their calm. They even tweeted updates and kept in touch with people concerned.

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