Neighbors Rage After Police Killed Unarmed Teen

Aug. 10, 2014: Social media explodes with anger following Mike Brown's death in Missouri.

Tension between residents and police reached a fever pitch in Ferguson, Missouri, after police shot and killed and unarmed teenager.

Mike Brown, 18, is dead after police shot him several times Saturday. It's unclear what led to the shooting, but the outrage on the ground and on social immediate was swift and extensive.

Witnesses say Brown was walking in the street when an officer told him to use the sidewalk. The shooting occurred soon after.

Ferguson is a largely black neighborhood outside of St. Louis. The St. Louis County Police Department is conducting an independent investigation; the local NAACP chapter is doing its own investigation as well. 

After the shooting, with Brown's body laying in the street, hundreds of residents turned up in a loud protest of Brown's death. Police brought in dogs and armored cars to confront the crowd.

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