Mike Huckabee Tweets Racist North Korean Stereotype During Dem Debate

Mike Huckabee wasn't even in the room at the first Democratic presidential face-off, yet he still found a way to offend people with his awful tweets.

While the Democratic presidential candidates took the front stage in Las Vegas to discuss policies on Tuesday night, their Republican rivals like Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee tweeted away as the discussion progressed.

However, while a number of tweets were sent out by the various candidates, one that came from Huckabee raised eyebrows - and rightly so.

Huckabee, who is notorious for his penchant for controversies, tweeted a rather offensive stereotype about North Koreans while taking a jab at Bernie Sanders.

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Of course this stirred up a Twitter storm of criticism directed at Huckabee:

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As shockingly embarrassing and offensive as the tweet is coming from Huckabee, it is not really a surprise. After all, he the one who said children died in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting because America “removed God” form its schools. Just recently he prompted outrage after comparing the Iran deal to Holocaust and defended the now-canceled 19 Kids And Counting star Josh Duggar, who admitted to molesting girls, including several sisters. Huckabee called his actions “inexcusable” yet not “unforgiveable.”

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