Huckabee Absurdly Believes Pro-Choice Women Are 'Victims'

Mike Huckabee discussed abortion during a radio interview and further proved he's another male chauvinist trying to stifle women's reproductive rights.

Apparently, abortion providers are “victimizing” women and have been for four decades, at least that’s what GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee believes.

The former Arkansas Governor said that if he’s elected president women wouldn’t be subjected to lies that abortion providers offer about the physical and emotional implications of receiving an abortion.

“Well I would like to believe that rather than her thinking that was her only option, she would not allow herself to be victimized by an industry that has exploited women for 42 years, and made a lot of money off of them,” Huckabee reportedly said on Concord News Radio. “Never told them the full story of the physical implications of this surgical procedure and especially never told them the emotional perspective.”

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In typical conservative fashion, Huckabee finger pointed at the recent Planned Parenthood controversy and the discredited videos that surfaced earlier this year showing staff members discussing the sale of fetal tissue.

“And I think we need to stop exploiting women, making money off of em’ and lying to them, that they are just having a little, minor surgical procedure, like a tooth extraction,” Huckabee said.

Who’s lying? Early term abortions are actually very minor procedures, oftentimes not even requiring surgery just taking a series of pills. Do you want to know why early term abortions are so easy? Because it’s not a baby yet!  

“I just want to remind people, that once you’ve accepted the premise that you can end a human life, because it represents a financial burden, or a social distraction — you say ‘gee I can’t finish law school, or that’s going to be too expensive’ — once you’ve made that decision, that you can end a human life, because of those two reasons, which are the justifications, for the system we have today, then I would suggest that at any point of that person’s life, you’ve given us justification, to take a person’s life if it becomes too expensive or if it represents a huge social disruption in the family’s life” Huckabee continued.

Stop right there…

Huckabee completely oversimplified the situation. Does anyone honestly believe that the only two reasons women and girls get abortions is because of “financial burden” and “social distraction?”

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Those issues are factors often considered by women faced with such a decision, but certainly not the ultimate reasons for going through with an abortion.

What about rape victims? What about existing or developing health problems that would result in a dangerous pregnancy for mother and baby?  On the more extreme side of “financial burden,” what about homeless women who literally have no feasible way of sustaining a healthy pregnancy or raising the child once it’s born?

Huckabee’s rant further confirms he is just another male chauvinist trying to tell women what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their bodies. 

For those interested in hearing Huckabee's radio interview, check out the sound clip below: 

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