Militant Group In Pakistan To Carry Out A Suicide Attack For Each New Drone Strike

A new militant group by the name of Ansarul Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the Parachinar suicide attack in Pakistan on Saturday.

New Militant Group To Respond To US Drones

A new militant group by the name of Ansarul Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the Parachinar suicide attack in Pakistan on Saturday.

According to reports, the death toll from a pair of coordinated suicide bombs targeting Shi'ites in a volatile Pakistani town near the Afghan border rose to 57 overnight and left more than 180 injured in one of the worst sectarian attacks in the country in months.

While speaking to from an undisclosed location, a spokesman for the terrorist organization, Abu Baseer, said the new militant faction had been set up to respond to US drone strikes. He claimed that the suicide attacks would continue for as long as the drone strikes would continue in Pakistan.

The statement from Ansarul Mujahideen is an addition to the woes of the people of Pakistan and especially the innocent civilians of tribal areas who are already being targeted by signature US drone strikes and will now suffer increased aggression from the new militant organization.

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What these brain-dead terrorists fail to realize is that killing (more) innocent people will never fix the problem of drone strikes which are actually being carried out by a force outside of Pakistan and is equally responsible for loss of life. More than 50% civilians have been killed by drone strikes in the so-called war against terrorism in Pakistan.

Terrorist organizations such as Lashkar e Taiba and Taliban have previously targeted many tribal and urban areas of Pakistan to warn against increasing US political influence in the country, killing thousands of innocent people. But setting up a faction exclusively to respond to US drone strikes means even more suicide blasts because Obama has refused to end the drone program in Pakistan earlier in May.

Shia Genocide:

Yet another disturbing aspect of the twin blasts in Parachinar on Saturday is that it was conducted in reaction to ‘the atrocities committed against the majority Sunni population in Iraq and Syria’ for that reason the new militant organization has vowed to launch new attacks against the Shia population in Pakistan.

The Shi’ites in Pakistan are already going through a brutal phase of genocide in the country, so much so that most people from the community are thinking of migrating. And this statement from Ansarul Mujahideen means that the troubled Pakistani minority now has one more militant enemy to look out for.

One wonders what the Pakistani army is up to these days.

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