Millions expected in DC for Obamas inauguration

More than 2 million people are about to cram into Washington DC to watch Barack Obamas inauguration. The President-elect will be sworn in as the 44th US president on January 20, when crowds are expected to swell the population of the capital eightfold. Every hotel room in Washington is expected to be full and prices are averaging almost $800 a night. Obama supporters are also expected to fill tens of thousands of tents, cabins, rental homes, and anywhere a spare couch or empty space on a living room floor can be found. As people from around the nation flock to the city to witness the inauguration of the first black president, many Washington residents are opening up their houses to guests for a fee. If visitors still have extra cash after their hotel bill, they will have plenty of Obama souvenirs to choose from. His likeness is found on t-shirts, coins and even on the citys train fare cards.