Guilty At First Glance, But What Are We Really Dealing With

Miranda Barbour, a Pennsylvania teenager who proclaimed that she's a serial killer, is being called a liar by her sister, Ashley Dean, in a local newspaper interview.

Miranda Barbour

What is really difficult to digest is why anyone in their right mind volunteer that kind of information to the officials - regardless of the statements veracity. This question throws us directly to the indisputable conclusion: she’s really not in her right mind.

The young mother who was recently married claims to have killed more than 20 people in Alaska, California, Texas and North Carolina.

In order to comprehend her motives, it’s essential to probe deeper into her character, lifestyle and influences.  So what exactly had the capacity to have such an effect on her character? Her sister explains that Miranda is an avid fan of the now defunct television series Dexter. The show is based around a serial killer of criminals who have escaped justice, in his opinion.

Ashley Dean explains that her sister is fabricating facts and directly picking up the plot from Dexter.

"If you listen to what she is saying, she is using descriptions from the show," adding "Miranda is just saying these things."

Miranda’s father, Sonny Dean, told The Daily in February that his daughter has spent the majority of her life in and out of treatment for heroin addiction. While he openly acknowledges that his daughter is a “Satanist” and could be part of the murder of LaFarera, he thinks serial killer is a stretch.

"Believe very little of what Miranda says," he told The Daily. "I would be very surprised if any evidence was found concerning other victims in the states of Alaska, Texas, California and North Carolina."

Is She Really Too Blame?

It is all too easy to write Miranda off as a malicious woman. And to the casual eye, she most definitely is.  But if you take a closer look at the facts, your judgment may shift.

Not to play the blame game at all, but what exactly is Dexter about? He is a serial killer who only kills heinous criminals such as child molesters and serial killers who kill the innocent.

 Since the 60’s, studies have reported that viewing violence influences child aggression. From the National Institute of Mental Health to the American Psychological Association – all these institutions have linked violence on TV and movies with increased aggressive behavior in adolescents.  

The research further adds that seeing violence go unpunished is unhealthy. When kids see acts of violence which are then devoid of remorse, disapproval, or punishment, they believe the same applies to them.

As highlighted previously, we can’t ignore that this girl, in all likelihood is suffering from a kind of mental disorder or personality illness. Extensive research conducted at Duke University reveals that more than half of adolescents with mental health issues receive no treatment.

Her family was aware that she struggled with drug addiction and personality shifts. Why wasn’t she ever taken to a psychiatrist before this paramount damage?  Now, decide. Do you think she’s completely to blame?

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