Hundreds Of Gifts Found After 'Overwhelmed' Postman Trashed Them

A New York City mail carrier couldn't handle all of his Christmas deliveries, so he threw them all away.

A New York postal worker has been accused of throwing away hundreds of wrapped Christmas gifts and letters because he got “overwhelmed.”


In the hectic frenzy of delivering holiday packages, Daniel Darby just couldn’t take it anymore. He reportedly dumped multiple bin bags into the trash.

How big of a Grinch do you have to be to pull an inconsiderate move like that?

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The mail was discovered in a resident’s trash bin on his delivery route in the New York borough of Queens.

Darby reportedly admitted to opening some of the packages as well to see what was inside. He’s been charged with unlawfully delaying and destroying mail which means he could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

He should have just delivered the mail; he was getting PAID for it.

Now, not only is he out of a job but could end up behind bars for something so silly. Nothing but sheer laziness — and a little stupidity —can suffice as an explanation for such carelessness. 

If you were expecting something in the mail that you never received, you might want to start asking the post office some questions. 

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