Mitch McConnell Attacks Ashley Judd & Anyone Else Who Might Challenge Him

Mitch McConnell released an attack ad on his new celebrity obsession: Ashley Judd. Actually Judd and several other potential Democratic challengers for McConnell's senate seat, which he will defend in 2014.

The internet has been a blessing for political candidates: they can now release long ads for a fraction of the cost of a thirty-second TV spot. Take Mitch McConnell's most recent commercial attacking Ashley Judd and other potential democratic challengers to McConnell's senate seat, which he is defending in the 2014 election. With a luxurious three minutes it starts with a cleverly edited opening segment in which Barack Obama seems to be looking through an audience for a candidate to run against McConnell. Then with the remaining two minutes it...mashes up the footage its already shown us.

Here's what we learn about the potential Democratic challengers in Kentucky: they exist, and most of them have a few seconds of footage out there where they look silly. Also, Ashley Judd has called several places "home," including Tennessee and San Francisco.

The other thing we learned is that whoever ultimately challenges McConnell, he or she will be tied to Obama through an ad barrage. Based on how much they got mocked, McConnell seems most worried about Judd, and another vibrant female candidate, Alison Lundergan Grimes. The McConnell campaign dug up a clip of Grimes saying her own name very enthusiastically, and edit the commercial to show Obama getting increasingly annoyed each time they play it.

The commercial is a value-buy for the McConnell campaign: it's a warning shot for Democrats thinking of entering the field, and it takes the first steps in painting them as ridiculous. Kentucky knows McConnell very well (he's been their senator for almost 30 years) so the campaign has more to gain from smearing McConnell's opponents and possibly keeping them out of the race.

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