MLK’s Niece Says The Charleston Shooting Happened Because Of Abortions

Alveda King links abortion to horrific murders. Thanks for clearing that up.

The nation is still reeling from the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina and though many people have pointed to racism as the main factor that lead to this terrible outcome, it’s nice that we have someone to tell us the real cause of all this. Apparently it was abortion this whole time. Who knew?

Pro-life conservative activist, Fox New contributor and niece to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King, says that our lack of respect for the sanctity of human life through abortions translates to a lack of respect for human life in society.

“This disturbed young man, I understand that he’s Caucasian and he shot black people, that’s not good. But evil is not just limited to color,” said Dr. King.

“It’s not ok, but it’s a lack of value for human life. You know, I’m going to say that as a director of outreach for African Americans of Priests for Life, you kill babies in the womb, you kill people in their beds, shoot people on the streets and so now you go into the church when people are praying.”

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Interesting to note that there have been studies that found a link between the fall in crime and murder rates in the United States and the legalization of abortion.

“Legalized abortion appears to account for as much as 50 percent of the recent drop in crime,” found a 2001 study that tracked crime and abortion rates for decades after the legalization of abortion. Twenty years after legalized abortion, murder rates were actually at an all-time low in the U.S. not hit since the 1930's.

But who wants empirical evidence? It isn’t as if pro-life proponents ever succumb to violence such as attacking abortion centers or harassing doctors. This is certainly a much more reasonable motivation than racial hatred. Somewhere a zygote weeps a single tear of gratitude to Alveda King. 

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