His Son’s Escape From Death Inspired This Dad To Help Millions

A year after his son witnessed his friends killed in a terrorist attack, this dad has come up with an app that can help save lives.

Peshawar School Attack, Pakistan

Dec. 16, 2014 saw one of the most brutal days of violence in Pakistan, the day when a villainous act of terrorism by the Taliban claimed 144 innocent lives at the Army Public School in Peshawar.

This atrocity led to calls for sweeping changes in security measures within the country. A year later, one father, Fahd Mahmood Khan, whose son witnessed the horrific incident, has come up with a mobile app to keep thousands of others safe.

After the attack on the school, Khan took his 7-year-old son out of the school. However, he soon realized he was denying his son the chance to socialize and have fun with other children his age and felt he must do something about it.

“I was shocked that someone could do that to little children,” he said.

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Pakistan terror attack, Peshawar School Attack

Mohafiz, the app he developed, allows people caught in emergency situations to send signals to their loved ones. Once Mohafiz is downloaded, users to enter their phone number for verification by providing a code via short message service. Once the code is entered, the app is authenticated.  

Then users enter five emergency contacts. The people whose numbers have been provided will then be notified.

In case of emergency, the app screen presents two options: red and orange. Red signifies that you are not in a state to classify the nature of emergency. A SMS containing the location of the person and a general distress message is then automatically sent out to all the emergency contacts.

The orange button, on the other hand, asks the person about the nature of the situation and a customized distress message can be sent. The options for distress signals include theft, fire, accident, earthquake, flood, and last but not the least, a terrorist attack.

An additional feature of Mohafiz keeps the users updated with the current security issues in the area that they are.

The app is now available for download to Android and iOS users, and will hopefully prove to be useful in times to come.

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