Mom Arrested After Asking Police To Talk To Son About Stealing

A New York mother asks police to teach her son the value of right and wrong, instead they arrest her.

Tyeesha Mobley with her sons Keyshawn (left) and Tyleke (right).

A New York mother of two was wrongfully arrested after calling police to teach her children not to steal, according to a new lawsuit.

Tyeesha Mobley, 29, is suing New York City, the NYPD and the Administration for Children’s Services for claiming she was arrested, roughed up and had her children taken away from her for four months because she wanted her children to learn why stealing is wrong.

Mobley contacted police after her 9-year-old son took $10 out of her wallet. The police met her and her children at a gas station near their apartment. At first the exchange was playful, but one officer was not amused and chastised Mobley for contacting the police.

“You black b----es don’t know how to take care of your kids … you need to call the kids’ father, not us … we can’t raise your kids … why are you wasting our time, we aren’t here to raise your kid … why don’t you take your f---ing kid and leave?” the officer said.

Mobley said that when she tried to leave the officer stopped her, arrested her, threw her against a squad car and kicked her legs.

Mobley was charged with child endangerment and spent months fighting the charge until a judge dismissed it. Her children were put in foster care for four months where one son suffered a burn, the other, several asthma attacks.

During the Mobley’s arrest, a female police officer inside the squad car told the officer hurting Mobley, “We are not supposed to act like this.”

He responded, “Black b----es like that … this is how I treat them.”

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