Is Monica Lewinsky Milking The Clinton Affair For All It’s Worth?

At the time of the Clinton affair, Monica Lewinksy was 22. Now a 40-year-old, she re-breaks the silence via Vanity Fair.

Monica Lewinsky

It’s never truly over, is it? Even 10 years later, we just can’t wait to hear what Lewinsky has to say of her legendary affair with Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair unquestionably was, and remains to date, the most talked about affair of all time. It has its own very Wikipedia page called the “Lewinsky scandal” – a lengthy one at that.

To what did this controversy owe such unrelenting notoriety?

Well, the affair had everything a juicy liaison calls for. Scandal, deceit, shock-value and, well, the  president of The United States Of America. You name it and the affair had it. Overnight, Bill’s oh-so-heroic image was shattered.

It feels like only yesterday that Bill Clinton denied the affair at a White House press conference: “These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people. Thank you.”

We soon learnt that this was just a load of baloney. He was prosecuted in 1998 on account of obstruction of justice and perjury. While he was cleared of all charges, the entire situation was far from ideal.

Monica Lewinsky

 Lewinsky went on to appear on Barbara Walter’s 20/20 which broke viewership records, co-wrote her biography titled “Monica’s story” and appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1998 as herself for a comedy sketch based on the affair.

Fast forward 10 years. Lewinsky has now taken to Vanity Fair to re-break the silence. Her paper is called “Shame and Survival” and excerpts have been published by Vanity Fair.

Here are all the things you need to know about the Lewinsky report.

She regrets her affair:

Monica Lewinsky makes it clear: she regrets the affair. She explicitly professes to Vanity Fair "I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton".

She really regrets it:

She repeats herself: "Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened."

The Clintons didn’t pay her off:

Many mistake her silence as a sign that she was paid off by the Clintons. She asserts that this is far from the truth.

She refused high-paying jobs:

They didn’t feel like the right thing to do. She explains that interviewers expressed a desire to capitalize on her “history”.

She wants her own identity:

She aspires to stop “tiptoeing around my past—and other people’s futures.”

She Noticed Beyoncés Lyrics:

Beyoncé’s hit song “Partition” features derogatory lines: “He Monica Lewinski'd all on my gown”. Lewinsky takes it upon herself to correct Queen Bey.

“Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not ‘Monica Lewinsky’d.”

Monica Lewinsky

So why has Lewinsky popped up out of thin air? She claims she felt motivated to reopen this chapter in the wake of the suicide committed by 18-year-old Tyler Clementi.

Clementi, who was a Rutgers freshman, killed himself because webcam footage of him kissing a man was released. This was a tragedy which shed much light on LGBT bullying and the extent of its emotional toil. She felt her own background was “redefined” in the wake of this and would like to be able to help people who are shamed and ridiculed for their actions.

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