Raw Footage Shows Monster Truck Crashing Into Spectators

September 29, 2014: Three people were killed and 18 injured during a stunt show in the Dutch town of Haaksbergen on Sunday.

A monster truck stunt that went horribly wrong killed three people in the Netherlands on Sunday.

Dutch authorities said the tragic incident happened when a giant pick-up truck spun out of control during a show in the Netherlands near the German border.

The mayor, Hans Gerritsen, reportedly confirmed to the media that three people had died, including two children.

Raw footage of the accident posted on Facebook shows the truck revving hard and then rolling over a row of six cars, later turning toward the line of spectators who were separated from the show by a flimsy guardrail.

Geerlof Kanis, one of the show’s organizers, speculated that either the truck’s accelerator pedal stuck or its brakes failed.

The driver was arrested, according to a tweet posted by the local police.

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"A so-called monster truck drove into a crowd of spectators. A terrible accident with two dead victims, 18 wounded (including) six severely wounded," authorities stated on the town website haaksbergen.nl.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals, while air ambulance helicopters from the entire region flew to the scene of the accident, including one from neighboring Germany, emergency services said.

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