Montana Lawmakers Think We Should Ban Yoga Pants But Not Personal Belief Exemptions. Where Is The Logic?!?

One Montana lawmaker said yoga pants should be illegal, while another just introduced a bill introducing personal belief exemptions.

lawmaker proposes ban on yoga pants

The world is so full of shameful acts of sin, but thanks to one Montana lawmaker, we will be saved from the devilish grasp of yoga pants. Yes yoga pants, an international disgrace running rampant among only the most immoral of women.

And in other news, a lawmaker also in Montana is trying to enact a bill that allows personal belief exemptions. Hmmm… do we have our priorities a little mixed up here?

Basically Montana is telling us that we need to police how women dress, but we don’t need to protect our children from horrible diseases. Yeah… I’m a little confused.  

Bill HB 365 outlaws nudity and “any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of our simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region.”

Under this proposal, even tan leggings could be considered indecent exposure.

According to the Billings Gazette, Rep. David Moore said that “Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway.” No joke.

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Montana Lawmaker Wants to Ban Yoga Pants

On the other hand, Rep. Greg Hertz turned a blind eye to recent outbreaks and concerns from health officials by introducing HB 158, which allows parents to forego vaccinations based on personal beliefs.

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These types of ridiculous bills are not a new thing for Montana. Last December, the Republican-controlled legislature told women who worked at the state capitol that they “should be sensitive to skirt lengths and necklines.”

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Can someone tell these white, male legislators that they need to be sensitive to douchebagery? 

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