Monte Gaddis Just Pulled The Most Baller Move To Become An NFL Player

In a remarkable instance of perseverance winning, Monte Gaddis’ dream for playing for the world’s most prestigious football league is on its way to becoming a reality.


Never give up on your dreams. That is exactly the motto a former Polish league player Monte Gaddis is following. Gaddis had been waiting outside the team’s headquarters for three days to land himself a try-out with Cleveland Browns when Browns’ general manager Ray Farmer spotted him on Wednesday.  

Farmer walked over to Gaddis and had a meeting with the linebacker prospect. That's when the Cleveland native got the opportunity he had always been dreaming about.


A photo posted by Monté Gaddis (@montegaddis) on


A photo posted by Monté Gaddis (@montegaddis) on


#Day3.....First off I want to thank EVERYONE for the support, I really need it and it doesn't go unnoticed ??. This is for all the underdogs, players with no scholarship, walk ons, 6th man & scout team players. GO GET IT?? We gotta EAT ????Anything worth having, is worth fighting for. I hope I lit a fire in everyone to go out and get what they want out of life. I have 4 brothers & 4 sisters, I can't give up on them. I thank God everyday for putting me in this situation, opening all doors for me, and putting me through all trials & tribulations to mold me into the man I am today. Let's keep this going y'all, WE GOTTA TURN THE SUPPORT UP 10x MORE???? All I wanna do is take care of my family, put on for my CITY, and play ball!!! Help me keep my dreams alive, your support doesn't go unnoticed. When I look back at these pictures, I want to laugh and say "Damn, I made it!" And even after I make it, Ima keep going. Playoffs, ProBowl, Super Bowl, and Hall of Fame. Yea it's a lot, but that's where the fun begins for me. Plus I'm from #CLEVELAND we haven't seen support like this in a while, and I'm not a celebrity at all. If y'all think I was giving back now, wait til I make a team! Keep me in your prayers and let's hit up all radios, tv shows, news, NFL teams or whoever. #GaddisGuidance #MonteGaddis #MotivationalUseOnly #Dedication #TeamMonteGaddis #SupportMe ????

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Monte Gaddis, a European championship winner, handed over his football tape to Farmer during the meeting. Though this did not ensure that he would get a spot in the team, it held the possibility that if his tape did enough to impress Farmer, he could end up being called for a tryout.

Monte’s story has become a national story of perseverance and garnered calls by Browns’ fans to make the team give him a chance.   

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