More Latinos Dump Trump After He Calls Mexicans "Rapists"

Univision has cut ties with Trump's Miss Universe pageant and artist J Balvin and co-host Roselyn Sanchez dump their Miss USA appearances after Trump's racist comments towards Mexicans.

Donald Trump is fired. 

Univision, the largest Spanish language broadcasting network in the world and the fifth largest network in the United States, has decided that it will cut all ties with Trump. The decision means no longer airing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants which are co-owned by Trump.

Not only has Univision pulled their telecasts of Trump’s pageants, but reggaeton artist J Balvin has canceled his musical appearance at Miss USA and Miss USA co-host and actress Roselyn Sanchez has bowed out of her pageant duties as well.

[Translation: As a LATINA I am proud of my race, culture and all that we have contributed to this nation. I have decided to cancel my participation as co-host]

Univision said they were dropping the programs due to Trump’s “recent insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants.”



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