Kim Jong Un And Vladimir Putin Might Actually Be The Same Person

Twinsies! It's official: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will make his first foreign visit to Russia since coming into power in 2011.

Kim Jong-un Will Visit Russia

“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has confirmed his attendance at Russia's celebrations in May marking the Soviet victory over Germany in World War II,” South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on Wednesday, quoting a Kremlin spokesman.

After long-time relations between North Korea and China turned sour in 2013 – when Pyongyang conducted its third nuclear test despite threat of sanctions – Kim Jong Un is looking forward to boost ties with Moscow.

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Although it'll be Kim’s first visit to Russia, we are sure he’ll be quite comfortable hanging out with President Vladimir Putin because both the leaders – apart from Western economic sanctions – have so much in common, it’s just unbelievable. Have a look:

Popular with the ladies

Ladies just can’t resist posing with Putin and Kim.

Ladies posing with Putin and Kim.


Enjoy music

While Putin enjoys playing the piano, Kim likes guitars.

Kim Jong Un, Putin enjoys playing the piano,

Animal lovers

Both of them adore animals. (FYI: Putin is also a wildlife conservationist.)

Vladimir Putin is a big animal lover

Gun enthusiasts

Of course, they are into weapons.

North Korean President Kim Jong-un will visit Moscow in May

Like horse riding

Guess they’ll want to go out riding together.

Kim Jong-Un riding hors

And ski lifts

Putin gives Russian skiing resorts a lift

They're foodies

Clearly, they enjoy their food.

Kim Jong And Putin are foodies

Into sports and recreational activities

But also like to stay fit. Although he has never been photographed playing it himself, Kim’s love for basketball is legendary. Remember his friend, former NBA player Dennis Rodman?

Kim’s love for basketball

Now you see it too, right?


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