Televsion News Coverage Of Ebola Is Only Making Matters Worse

Television news coverage of the ebola outbreak is ridiculous.

“EBOLA: THE ISIS OF BIOLOGICAL AGENTS?” That was the headline that ran across the screen as CNN's Ashleigh Banfield interviewed experts on the deadly virus on Monday.

While the ebola outbreak has taken scores of lives across Africa and has now made its way into the U.S., television coverage of it is extremely damaging and ill-informed.

Some sensational headlines include making comparisons between the Ebola outbreak previous disasters.

One headline even compared the Malaysia Airlines MH370 disaster to the Ebola outbreak reading: “Is Ebola the MH370 of disease?”

These headlines are insensitive and draw analogies between vastly different sets of circumstances. The only things that Ebola, ISIS, and MH370 have in common are that they were all in the news this year and many people have lost their lives as a result of them.

One man sarcastically stated, “The chances are if a highly effective Ebola treatment is discovered it won't be by relentlessly bombing the virus, making stern public addresses or winning over the hearts and minds of endothelial cells. Putting Ebola and IS into the same bracket doesn't help the sufferers either, making them seem somehow evil by juxtaposition,” The Independent.

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