Most Shocking Things Frats Have Done This Year

We really need to rethink the Greek system. The Oklahoma University racist frat scandal at the beginning of the month is only a portion of the frenzy of frat atrocities that question the culture’s tactics.

racist frat scandal

The Oklahoma University racist frat scandal at the beginning of the month is only a portion of the frenzy of frat atrocities that question the culture’s tactics.

The frat bro scene has been seamlessly immersed in today’s youth that is no doubt created a college culture heavily reliant on sex, booze and heteronormative assumptions. Since Oklahoma University’s racist frat scandal, an influx of appalling incidents have come forth questioning where the whole frat culture’s objectives lie. College Greek life is disguised as this positive bonding experience of camaraderie, yet this year’s countless incidents highlight a different tone — an intolerant (and definitely alcoholic) society dipped in rape culture and chugged with a shot of racist ideology.

1. Penn State Frat Had  A Secret Facebook Page of Naked, Unconscious Women

The Kappa Delta Rho chapter at Pennsylvania State University had a private Facebook page where members posted pictures of naked, sleeping women and made obscene comments about how they “banged” these women. The page was discovered by police after a former member of the frat tipped them off.

2. Frat Suspended For Pro-Rape and Racist Writing

The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at North Carolina State University has been suspended after a book containing offensive language was found. The comments discussed rape and racism, saying “It will be short and painful, just like when I rape you,” and “If she’s hot enough, she doesn’t need a pulse.” One even went so far to say, “That tree is so perfect for lynching.”

3. University of Houston Chapter Suspended For Hazing

Sigma Chi chapter at the University of Houston was suspended amidst “disturbing” hazing allegations. University President Renu Khator said that “the health and safety of our students have come into question.”

Westminster College suspended its Sigma Chi chapter for hazing as well.

4. Michigan Frat Trashes Two Ski Resorts

Students from Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi fraternities (including members of the Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Phi and Delta Gamma sororities) are responsible for trashing two ski resorts and causing $75,000 in damage during an alcohol-fueled weekend in January. The damage included ripping off cabinet doors, destroying ceilings and busting up tables.

In light of recent events, actor Will Ferrell (a frat bro himself) suggested at SXSW this year that maybe we should eliminate the Greek system altogether.

“The incident in Oklahoma, that is a real argument for getting rid of the system altogether, in my opinion, even having been through a fraternity," Ferrell said. "Because when you break it down, it really is about creating cliques and clubs and being exclusionary. Fraternities were started as academic societies that were supposed to have a philanthropic arm to them. And when it's governed by those kinds of rules, then they're still beneficial. But you've got to be careful."

The above scandals, however, strongly hint that the humanitarian, accepting community ideal of frats is rapidly disappearing and replaced instead by this sexist, racist monstrosity effectively ruining college life for all students.

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