Parenting Fail: Mom Drops Toddler In Cheetah Pit

The mother who dropped her 2 year old son into a cheetah exhibit at a Cleveland zoo has received her sentence— 1 year probation, and a lot of parenting classes.

Earlier in April, Michelle Schwab dropped her 2 year old son into the cheetah exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

How does that happen?

Police claim that she was dangling the boy over the railing, perhaps to give him a closer look. Schwab claims she had sat her son on the railing, and that he’d tumbled into the pit when she turned her back. Which isn’t much better.

The boy fell 10 feet, breaking his leg. Thankfully, the cheetahs gave him a wide berth.

Schwab and her husband are said to have leapt in after the boy, as others looked on, horrified.

Schwab, 27, appeared distraught before the Cleveland Municipal Court judge who presided over the child endangerment case. Judge Ronald Adrine recognized that the event was traumatic for her as a mother, but that her lapse in judgment could not be overlooked.

"I have a lot of concerns that this event took place, to put a child on top of an enclosure. It's a scary proposition and it's unconscionable."

He sentenced Schwab to a year of probation, including a period of supervision and counseling designed to bring her parenting skills up to par. She will also be undergoing mandatory parenting classes.

She could have spent up to six months behind bars, but it appears that the court felt that separating mother from child was not in the latter’s best interests, either.

Though some people aren't too happy with the ruling

We hope that Schwab lives up to the court's faith in her, especially considering that she is not only a mother, but also a manager at an Ohio day care. She’s on leave at the moment, pending investigation.

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