Desperate Mother Takes On School In A Fight To End Bullying

Loretta Barela’s son was bullied till he tried taking his own life. Now, she takes a stand against the school for not taking any action.


A 9-year-old Colorado boy reportedly tried to take his own life while he was at school, and his mother is now blaming Jefferson County Public Schools for not doing enough to stop the bullying despite her constant complains.

The mother, Loretta Barela, claims her son was bullied on a regular basis by a group of students at Stein Elementary School in Lakewood, Colorado.

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“He’s a little guy. He can’t defend himself,” Barela said.

The boy tried to take his life by drowning himself in the school bathroom where he filled the sink with water and pushed his head deep into it. Two passing students caught him in between attempts and alerted a school teacher.

bullying in schools

The school administration issued the following statement:

“School administrators addressed the situation on the day it occurred and continued to follow up the following day. The school took the proper steps to investigate this situation, including addressing accusations of bullying and engaging proper resources for the student. Jeffco Schools take accusations of bullying seriously and strives to foster an atmosphere where our students thrive.”

However, Barela is determined not to let it go and is fighting bullying by talking with other parents about what can be done. She hopes that parents talk to their children about bullying and how to act and behave if they fall victim to it.

This act of bullying is not at all new. More than 3.2 million students are bullied every year in the United States and about 160,000 teenage victims of bullying skip school every day.

The most saddening fact here is there is no federal law against bullying in the county.

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