Mother Shocked To Find Out What Her Daughter’s Magical Wand Can Do

It turns out this magical wand didn’t come with fairy-dust.

A Dayton, Ohio, mother was shocked to find that the princess wand she bought her daughter at a dollar store came with disturbing imagery definitely not suitable for a child.

Then again, maybe the name should've tipped her off.

Nicole Allen bought a toy called “Evil Stick” for her 2-year-old daughter, assuming that it was a harmless toy for children. The packaging had pink lettering, fairies swirls and snowflakes – all things that a little girl would be drawn to. Who knew, based on its title, that it would turn out to be so creepy?

Underneath the silver foil of the wand was a picture of a young girl cutting herself – and she looks like she was dressed up for Halloween. Even creepier is that the packaging that claims the toy comes with “wonderful music.” That turns out to be an evil demonic laugh played over and over.

The store’s owner has brushed it off, parents shouldn't be so suprised that an “Evil Stick” is so ... evil. He did promise, however, to remove the demonic toy if he gets more complaints.

Other people aren't taken it as lightly.

"I'm outraged over it," Allen told WHIO. Indeed, the idea of letting a child play with a toy that comes with suicidal imagery and an evil laugh to boot would make any parent feel that way.

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