Mothers In NY Can Now Choose Their Sex On Baby's Birth Certificate

New mothers who don't identify as a woman can now choose what sex they want to write on their newborn's birth certificate.

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New York has a reputation for being LGBTQ friendly, and now mothers who have just given birth can choose the sex they are on their child's birth certificate, according to Western Journalism.

This is a huge breakthrough for transgender parents, whom in the past, never had the option of choosing the sex they considered themselves to be when filing for their baby's birth certificate.

Even though the new mother is a female, genitalia wise having the ability to give birth, she may or may not identify herself as a man and now New York will let 'him' choose. 

In addition to the basic questions, name, date of birth, etc., there is now the option to choose 'sex' on the baby's birth certificate form, giving transgender moms the chance to be themselves.

The New York City Heath Department is giving freedom to pregnant women and new mothers the opportunity to show their baby, and the world, that they prefer to be known and recognized as a male.

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