Move Over #KimKardashian, It's #Rokerthon!

He'll be talking about the weather non-stop from Wednesday evening to Friday morning

Kim Kardashian's booty is still trending on Twitter but there's a new hashtag taking over - #Rokerthon

Could you stand and talk on live TV for 34 hours straight? America's weatherman Al Roker is going for it - hoping to set an official Guiness World Record. 

The entire attempt is being streamed at He started at 10PM ET Wednesday night. He'll also make appearances on local NBC affiliates around the US.  If he makes it, he'll break the record during his normal shift on Friday morning's Today.

There are strict rules that Roker must follow for his forecast to receive the Guiness award. He can ONLY talk about the weather - going off on another topic could get him disqualified. He can talk about past or future weather for an entire week so he's not limited to current conditions. 

NBC reported that every 60 minutes, he'll get a five-minute break. He can save them up and take a longer break. 

Roker's attempt coincides with Guinness World Records Day, and his main goal — aside from a spot in the record books — is to raise donations for US armed forces and United States Service Organizations (USO). 

The Friday early hours forecast should be entertaining! 

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