MSNBC Host Has Enough, Abruptly Cuts Off A Blathering Trump

Joe Scarborough refused to continue to listen to Trump's ridiculous rhetoric.

Fascist orangutan Donald Trump made some truly sickening and horrible remarks yesterday that serve as a new low, even for him, as he called for a ban of all Muslims in the United States. He has been condemned thoroughly by individuals belonging to both political parties (shutting down Trump may be the only true bipartisan issue), but MSNBC’s Morning Joe gave him a chance on Tuesday morning to recant, or at least somewhat logically explain his reasoning.

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Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski could barely get in a word edgewise as Trump overpowered them both, boasting about the standing ovation he received for his hateful ideas and the necessity of the ban:

“I’m using common sense…I spoke in front of thousands of people last night. Your reporters are reporting it. It was the biggest crowd they’ve ever had on the [ship the USS] Yorktown. They gave a standing ovation as soon as they heard it.”

Brzezinski mildly attempted to cut in, asking Trump if he thought we needed members of the Muslim community to help fight our war on terror, and if alienating them would be “incredibly counterproductive.” Trump, of course, did not think so, essentially calling the ban a temporary solution (it’s really only a matter of time before this transforms into an eerily familiar final solution).

He continued on in this vein for some time before Scarborough, who had scarcely said a word during the interview, finally jumped in, telling Trump he could not just keep talking and that he needed to let them ask questions. He said if Trump did not stop talking he would cut to break—which he proceeded to do. 

If only this could shut Trump up for good. 

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